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Surrogacy at Refael Care

A novel concept in Israel and worldwide!

Refael Care has developed a unique “close to home” platform especially for you, doctors and couples, to assist you with the surrogacy and/or egg donor process, enabling couples to embark on this process together with your chosen gynecologist.

Thanks to a medical technological mechanism that we developed, we coordinate the team work with everyone involved in the process. The development enables a direct channel of communication between all the medical and administrative teams: Refael Care, your attending physician, and the medical center in Tbilisi, Georgia. You’re in great hands with us because we work with Israeli doctors that comprise the organic medical staff at the center in Tbilisi.

This is a huge honor for us to be a part of the process that ends in a dream come true for couples eagerly awaiting their own baby.

We know that couples pursuing this process have already been through so much emotional and financial hardship.

Please let us lift some of the burden off you and assist you in the professional and sensitive manner that you deserve.

We are here to tell you that your journey is almost over, and you will soon be able to hold your baby in your arms.

We are proudly involved in helping couples from the start, throughout and after the birth. We offer a service team and operational team that will help you at each and every stage until you get home with your newborn baby!

A worldwide Israeli development!

Surrogacy differs vastly in different countries around the world. Although surrogacy is legal in countries like Israel, Canada, the United States, and more, it is illegal in many countries worldwide.

Israel is one of the most advanced in this field and through surrogacy, it makes dreams come true for couples that want to bring a child into the world.

Now, unlike in the past, surrogacy is easier, faster, and this is where we come into the picture. Thanks to a mechanism comprised of a medical staff and an administrative staff that is based both in Israel and Georgia, Rafael Care has become a leader in the field and welcomed in Tbilisi hospitals.

A novel concept in Israel and worldwide, Refael Care makes surrogacy available for doctors and couples that want to go through with this process easily, and at an affordable price.

The team of doctors at Refael Care is welcomed and operates at a leading medical center in Tbilisi.

The medical team and the administrative team assisting you are Georgian-speaking Israelis, and we are involved in every detail of the process from when it begins in Israel, to when it ends in Georgia.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a meeting